Mkuki Ranch

Our Ranch started 2012 at Lugwadu in kigamboni, Dar es salaam. As we grow, we allocated to a bigger area of more than 600 acres at Bupu, Mkuranga District, Pwani Region, in Tanzania.


Mkuki Ranch has 240 high grade Ayrshire dairy Cattles. This breed originated from Scotland. Due to our intensive care on our ayrshire cows, one cattle can produce up to 20 litres per day. On daily basis at Mkuki Ranch we produce more than 600 litres of milk everyday.

Boer Goats

Boer Goats origin from South Africa, is considered as the best meat goat breed in the world in terms of meat quality and their delicious tasty meat. We imported 150 Boer Goats from South Africa and now our ranch is a home of more than 800 Boer Goats. Boer goats are very hardy, resistant to diseases, they grow very fast and they also have great reproduction quality. Boer goat gets pregnant 3 times in 2 years and has two kids per pregnancy. Our Goals is to be a leading producer of Boer goat in Tanzania

Blackhead Persian Sheep

We have almost 1000 Blackhead Persian Sheep (also known as Swartkoppersie) a fat - tailed breed originally from Somalia. They have a white body and entirely black head. We raised mainly for meat production.

Brahma Chicken

Brahma Chicken is one of the largest chicken breed in the world. They are said to be gentle giants and called "The King of Chickens" or “King of All Poultry” according to the Livestock Conservancy. This breed was developed in the United States. We started by importing 200 eggs from US, and now we have more than 2000 brahma chicken in your ranch. Our roosters weight more than 5.5kg, and a hen more than 4.5kg on average. We also raised more than 600 local chickens for eggs.

Domestic Pigeons

Mkuki ranch is the home of more than 600 beautiful Domestic Pigeons. We have more than 10 different types of Pigeons, we have; Pomeranian Pigeon, Hungarian Pigeon, Fantails Pigeon, King Pigeon, Homing pigeon, English Trumpeter, French mondain pigeon, Giant Runt, Parlor Roller, Indian Fantail, Holle Cropper, Gaditano Pouter, Carneau and English Short-faced Tumbler. These breeds are originated from different parts of the world, from Europe, America and some of the breeds are from Asia.

Domestic Geese

At Mkuki Ranch we have 500 Domestic Geese (also called Anser Anser Domesticus) We have two types of Domestic geese in our ranch; (1) Emden geese (pure white color) and (2) greylag Geese (grey color). The origin of these breed is said to be from Europe in countries like Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

Horses and Dogs

We are also passionate for dogs we have 36 dogs from six different breeds: We have American Bulldogs, American Bully, English Bulldogs, French Mastiff, Canecorso and Boerboel. We breed our dogs and we’ve been able to sell and ship puppies within the country and in other neighbor countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia. We also have 10 horses in our ranch. Our ranch has got an opportunity to attend big International Tradefair Sabasaba 2018 and 2019.